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​The unique and multi-layered sounds of the Himalayan bowls are known to entrain the brain to theta brain wave action; this brain frequency brings clarity of mind and enhances our intuition, as well as taking us into a deep peaceful meditative state, as the nervous system relaxes and our pain and stress dissolve. The healing sounds also create cardio-respiratory synchronicity, release constricted energies and create harmonious alignment throughout the biological system.

Over the years Suzy has brought handcrafted bowls back from her pilgrimages to Nepal. These metallic instruments, dating back as an alloy to the time of Shakyamuni Buddha (563-483), have been blessed by her Tibetan teachers in monasteries at the foothills of the Himalayas and the Kathmandu Valley. Suzy has practiced Karma Kagyu Tibetan Buddhism, the Diamond Way, since the age of 12 and was given the dharma name, Karma Sonam Dolma, (Female Liberator of Buddha Activity in Others), by her Root Lama. Suzy understands that the vibrations from the bowls send Buddhist prayers, mantras and the principles of non-dualisitc living into the environment. They vibrate with the frequency of Oneness, with the Universal vibration of AUM and thus bring about neutrality, bliss and deep healing on the physiological, mental, emotional and spiritual realms. Suzy explains that the sounds allow for the integration of human experience into the wisdom and compassion of the soulstate. She feels that this liberating energy is amplified by the bowls and allows participants to deepen into their Buddha or Enlightened state, and thus heal deeply all physical illness from within the intelligence our own bodies. 

​Suzy has been playing the Himalayan singing bowls for nearly 20 years internationally in public group ceremonies and in her energetic healing practice with private clients, where she combines sound healing with hands on energy healing. 

Sound Healing

Suzy offers private sound healing sessions and group sessions in private homes and public spiritual centers. Please contact Suzy directly about bookings.

Himalayan Bowls for Universal Peace
60min CD Himalayan bowls played by Suzy Meszoly

Great for meditation, healing sessions, aligning the energy of the body, deep relaxation, raising the frequency, de-stressing, sleeping!

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