"The year I spent with Suzy and the School of Energetic Healing was eye-opening and transformational! As a novice, I found the work challenging, yet easy to grasp, and I was truly inspired by the wisdom, abilities and joy of Suzy and my fellow classmates.  It was a wonderful community, and I will treasure it always." Wendy S. Musician, New York City, Class of 2012

"Suzy is a gifted teacher, healer and metaphysicist who generously shared her knowledge in our year long course.  It took me to new heights in my healing abilities, intuitive skills and also taught me to manifest pretty much whatever I need in this lifetime.  The course is very deep and full of hands-on healing techniques that aren't taught anywhere else."   Midge Heisser, Class of 2012

"My year in this class was amazing. It really helped me to hone my skills not only as a healer but as a spiritual being. I found myself and new friends who were on the same but different journey. This class was well worth it and Suzy was just magnificent. She is very intuitive and approachable. You can't learn what she teaches anywhere else. Do yourself a favor and join this class." Jashaunna Williams Class of 2012

The Art of Energetic Healing School, NY

​​New School Year Commence in September, Januarry and April each year in New York City and ONLINE.

​​​New School Year Commence in September in Los Angeles and Upstate NY in Stone Ridge and ONLINE.

Become an energetic healer and counselor or simply deepen your spiritual practice!

Established in 2000, 

Founded by Reverend Suzy Meszoly, DSH, CHHC


New York City, Los Angeles, Stone Ridge NY and International Webina

During the year-long course, apprentices will receive healing energy activations, explore the seven centered Chakra system in great depth, investigate counseling, psychic and channeling methods, and discuss various key metaphysical concepts. By the end of the course, one will have many tools and skills, concepts and understandings, to share with others and to enhance their own life.

This course is about coming into our full potential as powerful healers, compassionate humans and deeply expanded spiritual beings. The training is designed for healers and for non-healers, for advanced practitioners and beginners alike. Suzy offers a great deal of practical information, as well as deep, expansive spiritual guidance.

In this 10 month long training, spiritual teacher and master healer, Suzy Meszoly, will instruct on the art of energetic healing and provide energetic transmissions for all students. Over period of many years of traditional studies, clinical experience and spiritual development, Suzy has arrived at a unique method of energetic healing that encompasses the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. After receiving profound transmissions herself from the Master Teachers and from Mother Earth, Suzy has created a healing system that empowers individuals to tap into their own divine abilities.

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Suzy Meszoly,  DSH, CHHC

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