Energy fields have been a pivotal healing concept for many ancient and traditional healing cultures such as Chinese Medicine, shamanic healing and the Ayurvedic system from India. Contemporary science is now investigating and proving many benefits of hands on healing and scientifically validating the effectiveness of these age old healing methods. Energetic Healing works with the whole person, not only with the specific physical ailment. Through gentle manipulations of the client's energy field and by applying healing touch in certain points of the electromagnetic field, Suzy supports individual clients as they come to a deeper understanding of themselves, deepening into their own healing energy and bringing about a “healing” of the whole person.

Suzy is able to work on clients whether they are in person, or in a remote location, using remote signature energetic healing.

Suzy's energetic healing modality has been beneficial in addressing numerous acute and chronic problems including:

  • allergies
  • anxiety disorders
  • arthritis
  • asthma
  • autism
  • auto immune disorders
  • back pain
  • cancer
  • candida
  • chronic fatigue
  • depression
  • diabetes
  • eating disorders
  • emotional trauma
  • gastrointestinal problems
  • grief
  • headaches & migraines
  • heart disease
  • infertility
  • insomnia
  • lyme disease
  • phobias
  • PMS, menopause, cysts, fibroids
  • post-operative rehab
  • stress management
  • weight control 

Using hands on healing, energetic healing, I work with my clients to trigger their own intelligent healing energy, reflecting back to them their power, and thus bring the body back to its organic alignment, back to vital health. Due to the depth of this method, we are addressing the very core resonance, and as such create a ripple effect through out the emotional, intellectual and physical realms. This hands on healing There is a central core energetic seed within us, one that is a completely sovereign field, that is untouched by time, experience, or story; it is timeless and quite literally spaceless. This core is what we need to find, become friends with and expand in the healing process. Disease, illness, suffering, whether acute or chronic, can be addressed by finding this core seed and working with it in a non-judgmental, non-eliminative way. Finding this core, creating a viable and constant connection, and allowing it to be in command is the process. This core has the intrinsic force of integration. It is where we have the insight, the compassion, the unconditional love to allow for the integration of all experience. 

We do not work to release, purify or cleanse, we do not want to let it go, but we work to understand spiritually the root cause and effect; this brings about extremely powerful energy for the dynamic healing of all suffering. It is that seed which we energetically, emotionally and intellectually expand during the healing session, while at the same time, we dissolve (into the integrated whole of our being) the emotional charges of disturbing experiences from our past. I see these experiences as layers, layers upon layers that we have become accustomed to and are conditioned by eventually. These layers can obscure our vision, our radiance and our happiness should they become too dominant.

Growing the inner divine core and making transparent the temporal experiences has become the most effective method in establishing vital health emotionally and physically in my work. Through twenty years of teaching groups internationally and seeing individual clients, I have understood that all our illnesses, acute and chronic come from a disturbance that evolves from a much deeper source then purely the physical realm. Using the energetic matrix of the body, we read the clues, receive the so-called subtle information, and delve into the root cause, bringing it like a scuba diver to the surface to be seen in the light of day.

So many therapists, doctors and healers work with “letting go” of bad experiences, and getting rid of “things”, cutting out the offensive parts and eliminating what has caused pain, both physically and emotionally. Over many years of my spiritual process I have learned that whatever I “let go” of, it came back, just in another form until I understood that it was there for a REASON. We are here in human form to experience, to gain all the expressions of the human condition, to collect, so to speak, all the pieces of our holographic jigsaw puzzle. When working with groups or individuals, this is what I am doing, looking at the big picture, the image of Oneness that takes full responsibility for everything we have taken on, agreed to learn and that we have actually invited into our lives for the reason of experience. This is how I view what people call “disease”. I want to make friends and understand with my clients what is the nature of this trauma and what I can do to INTEGRATE this experience. So instead of letting go, I encourage integration, and by the very nature of this process, we invite a graceful and beneficial transformation. How do I make friends with all that I am, with all the parts of myself and allow for balance to become established again.


Energy Healing & Spiritual Guidance


"Having a healing session with Suzy puts me into a state of deep, meditative relaxation. When she works on me, it feels as though a joyous, nourishing and loving energy is pouring into me. It's as if all  my cells open up to this energy and soak it up like dry earth soaking up water, leaving me lighthearted, energized. I feel deeply grateful to Suzy for bringing me this special experience.”
Stephanie Von Hirchberg, Literary Agent, Bloomington, IL.

Our spirit speaks to us through experience, our spirit allows us to learn, to challenge ourselves, to grow every single day with every single moment. Our mind-bodies speak to us in many ways, sometimes through illness, disease or injury, sometimes through dreams and feelings. 

Suzy works as an intuitive guide and healer, helping her clients to interpret these messages and the very patterns we find repeating in our lives. This process supports the physical healing of the body, the calming of the emotions and development of the spiritual higher self. 

Suzy reads the energy body either in person or remotely and through guided conversation helps to unravel the experiences we are having in our present lives and provides guidance on how to learn from our patterns and how to expand our consciousness, obtain our goals in life, unite with our higher self and resolve suffering, allowing us to be selfless, graceful and peaceful, as well as tapping into our ultimate dynamic creativity and wisdom. Often Suzy will connect with loved ones as well that have passed and who have messages often pertinent to the client's healing and wellness or she will make connections to other experiences in parallel (past and future) lifetimes that feed wisdom in this lifetime. 

These sessions offer a sense of connectedness, of wholeness, a glimpse into the “bigger picture”, manifesting a deep, meaningful understanding of our true nature and purpose. People who have experienced these guidance sessions may begin to see the synchronicity in their lives and find their own intuitive power awakening and blossoming. There is a profound sense of causality and we become more aware that we have the free will to determine how to shape our lives by living in non-judgment, fearlessly and in pure, unconditional love.


“I first met Suzy Meszoly in 2001, after a three-year battle with a rare endocrine condition known as Pheochromocytoma that left me utterly disabled, unable to work, confined to my chair and in a constant state of dizziness and despair. I had seen 42 physicians none of whom were able to help me except to prescribe a mountain of medications which were causing me to a multitude of nasty side affects. After Suzy’s first treatment I felt immediate relief from the symptoms that had plagued me constantly for years. I was able to get up from the chair without feeling like I was going to  pass out. Subsequent sessions with Suzy continued my healing process. With Suzy’s help not only was I able to locate the cancerous tumor which had been causing all my medical problems (it was hiding just below my pituitary gland) I was able to see Suzy’s mystical rays of energy dissecting and diffusing it. Thanks to Suzy's divine gift of healing and her incredible caring and compassion, I am now healthier than I have been in years. She says that she helped me to find the power within me to heal myself.”
K.Ashton, Actor/Writer/Director/Theatrical Producer, New York

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Suzy Meszoly,  DSH, CHHC

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